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Overcoming Inertia

One of the best things about finding faith is how it changes perspective. Something formerly regarded as causeless is suddenly appreciated for its purpose. Circumstances and coincidences become...

Insurance Woes

Insurance has been a pain for a lot of people this year. The new healthcare regulations have affected a lot of people,...

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New short termer...physically abused (Foster Care & Adoption)
Thank you all for your replies and prayers. Sure wish I knew someone that was waiting for an adoptive placement locally that could take this precious little one. Worker seems to think this will go to adoption since dad is MIA and because of the...
Visitation behaviors? (Foster Care & Adoption)
Our FD has issues after visits too. She is 4 mths. and for the last month or so she is either so fussy and irritable after the visits that it takes her 2 or 3 hours to get back to her normal happy self or she crashes out so hard that it messes with...
If You Are Looking For Siblings Please Post Here!!!! (Search & Reunion)
I know a Cochran andre Cochran look on face book
Overwhelmed and Court Wed (Foster Care & Adoption)
Wow..just prayers,hugs and positive energy for you guys. "A slow death"...sometimes I have trouble explaining what this feels like. It's like a slow death.
Great news tonight (Foster Care & Adoption)
Good luck. We'll all be praying for you.
Parent Profiles
We are a fun loving family of three excited at the thought of growing our family through adoption. Our daughter is excited to be a big sister and we long for the chance to love... [more]
Adoption Photolisting
Tikenya (FL / 14 / F)
Tikenya is a sweet child, who can be quiet at first but becomes talkative once she gets to know you. She is very helpful and enjoys baking and playing scrabble. Tikenya wishes to... [more]
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