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An adoption record is a sealed file containing all of the legal paperwork involved in an adoption and the finalization process. Because the finalization process involves the issuance of a new birth certificate for the adoptee that has his or her adoptive parents on it, his or her original birth certificate is placed in the record. These records are sealed, meaning a majority, if not all, of the information within them is to remain confidential unless proper requests to view the information is met.

Records are an important tool for adoptees who want to know more about their past as well as birth parents or siblings who want to find a child placed in adoption. The main reason an adoptee would want to access his or her records is to contact his or her birth relatives with questions about medical history. The rights an adoptee has to accessing this information has been long-fought for.

The release of adoption records varies by state. There are two kinds of information that can come from an adoption record release: non-identifying and identifying information. Identifying information includes basic information, such as the age an adoptee was at the time of the finalization, the date and place of the adoption, the occupations of the birth parents and their educational, medical, ethnic, racial and religious background, the reason for placing a child in adoption and whether or not the adoptee had siblings at the time of the adoption.

For some, that is enough information to answer health-related questions and basic reasons for their adoption. Birth parents are also able to access these records, and 28 states currently allow birth parents to access non-identifying information.

Identifying information includes birth parents' names, the names of any birth siblings, the permanent addresses or residence of employment. The release of this information requires the consent of the person whose information it is. The information can also be released with a court order and good cause. At least five states require counseling prior to the release of identifying information. About 30 states require mutual consent.

If registering with one's state is not met with mutual consent from the another triad member, adoptees can have a court-assigned confidential intermediary gain access to the adoption file and facilitate communication between the two parties.

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Virginia Adoption Laws
Access to Adoption Records Who May Access Information Citation: Ann. Code §§ 63.2-1246; 63.2-1247 Nonidentifying information may be disclosed to:The adoptee who is age 18 or older The licensed or authorized child-placing agencies providing services to the child The adoptive...
Michigan Adoption Laws
Access to Adoption Records Who May Access Information Citation: Comp. Laws § 710.68 Nonidentifying information may be provided to:The adult adoptee The adoptive parents Birth parents and adult birth siblings Identifying information may accessed by any of the persons listed above...
Maryland Adoption Laws
Access to Adoption Records Who May Access Information Citation: Fam. Law §§ 5-4C-05; 5-356; 5-357 Only the following persons may register with the adoption registry for exchange of identifying information:Birth parents and siblings An adoptee, age 21 or older, who does not have a...
Michigan State Regulations - Access to Adoption Records
Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults, direct descendants of a deceased adopted adult, adoptive parents, birth parents, and birth siblings may obtain non-identifying information. Age of adulthood: 18Obtaining Identifying Information: Adopted adults can receive information...

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if you love to help...i would love some help!! ;)
March 19, 2014, 9:16 am
Hi name is Amelia...I think I found my birth mom through my half sister that I found on here but every time I send my application to the adoption record place in Austin, Texas...they send it back to me...pretty much saying that it is the wrong name...but I have to tell ya...something is...

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It's been close to a year now, but my search ended last June when after an active search for over 5 years ended when I found my birth father, birth mother and the 2 brothers and 4 sisters that came...
What My Search has Meant to Me
I was born November 26, 1965, in Mobile, Alabama. I was immediately placed up for adoption. August 12, 1966, I was adopted by two of the most amazing and loving people in this world. I was taken from...

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Sealed Adoption Records - Adoption -
4 XI. Confidentiality and Sealed Adoption Records 22. 533-553 23. 553-570 XII. Post-Adoption Contact 24. 571-610 XIII. Changing Status of Adoptions
Sealed Adoption Records - Adoption -
4 XI. Confidentiality and Sealed Adoption Records 22. 533-553 23. 553-570 XII. Post-Adoption Contact 24. 571-610 XIII. Changing Status of Adoptions

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22 (2) Rules adopted by ... The 22adoption of emergency rules authorized by this subsection (d) 23shall be deemed to be necessary for the public interest, 24safety, and welfare.25 (e) In order to provide for the expeditious and timely 26implementation of the State's fiscal year 2000 budget,
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GAY - 2 months ago
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I am still searching for my birth son he live in sask Canada birth name Kevin troy Schotts I know he is out there please I need to see his adoption files thank you #1
Marge - 6 months ago
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My adopted son turns 45 on Nov.,26. Born 1968. He would like very much to get information on health records and meeting the mother. Great son. #2
cindy dannewitz - 9 months ago
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I have recently learned that my daughter gave up a baby girl about two years ago. Angela said it was an open adoption. Does a grand parent have any rights under these adoptions? #3
Gay - 10 months ago
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I am searching for my birthson his name was kevin troy schotts born july 3 1972 in Saskatoon sask Canada I have not fined his adopted name or where he is living can you please help me #4
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