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Birth Mother

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Although the term "birth mother" is sometimes used to describe a pregnant woman during the process planning to place her child with an adoptive couple, a birth mother more often refers to a woman who has raised a child through the nine months of pregnancy and has already placed a child with an adoptive family. It is also used to refer to a biological mother in any other adoption circumstance. The necessity to distinguish between parental roles usually occurs after a birth mother's parental rights have been terminated and an adoptive mother assumes parental rights to the child.

What brings women to decide to place their child is usually for the best interest of the child. The woman may be making the decision because she doesn't have the resources to care for the child or she doesn't want the child to be brought up by a single parent. She may also be too young to raise a child alone or she may have educational or professional goals that would be greatly affected by the birth and raising of a child. Because placement of a child is a life-long and life-changing experience that a woman must make a nine-month commitment to, many women experience vastly different pre- and post-placement emotions and perspective that range from doubt, to grief and guilt. The experience can be especially difficult if she is young and felt pressured during the placement process. Many states have laws that regulate the period of time after placement that adoptive parents can cover counseling expenses or the kind of pre-placement expenses they can pay for. Although many women feel powerless during the adoption process, the law and most of the adoption community work their hardest to empower young mothers.

For many women, placing a child with an adoptive family is a life-long commitment that they may find themselves reflecting on at times that would be important in the child's life. It can be confusing, particularly later in life, so understanding what it means to be a birth mother early on, such as statutory rights pre- and post-placement, the possibility for an open adoption, and the potential for search and reunion when the child is a legal adult are all considerations that can make being a birth mother an easier role.

(Taken from the Adoption Glossary)
Birth Mother: The biological mother of a child.

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Pregnancy Workbook: Biological History
At times it might be important for your child (or his/her adoptive parents) to know your biological or medical history. Here is a place to record some information that could be vital in the future. You can also write down some talents or interests that either your family or the birthfather’s...
Adoption - the Heroic Choice
Women who make adoption plans for their children are heroes. In fact, they may be among the most heroic people in our society. Few people place the needs of others so far ahead of their own needs. A birth mother, who makes an adoption plan for her child, makes, if not the ultimate sacrifice for...

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Birth Mom Organization Focuses on Healthy Post Adoption Relationships
SPANISH FORK, Utah -- Birth Mother Baskets (BMB) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, created by Gina Crotts, a birth mom, to offer positive support, hope and courage to expectant moms and birth moms ...
Woman finds birth mother through social media
A picture and social media help a Des Moines woman find her birth mother.
Abandoned 27 years ago, 'Burger King Baby' finds mother
By Daniel Kelley PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A woman abandoned as a newborn 27 years ago in an Allentown, Pennsylvania, fast-food restaurant bathroom has been reunited with her birth mother after a social media blitz, local media reported on Wednesday. Katheryn Deprill, left in the Burger King...
Burger King Baby says she's found her birth mother

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Feeling Abandoned
January 13, 2014, 9:12 pm
I often wonder if my kids do or will eventually feel abandoned. Many books and professionals have lead us to believe that some children who are adopted will feel a sense of abandonment through their life. Some question, "Why did my birth mother not want me?or "What was wrong with me?" As my...
Little Sister, Penny
January 15, 2014, 12:51 pm
My mind was a blank slate regarding my birth siblings . Born of the same mother, as far as I knew our resemblance would end there. Before we met, my half-sister, Penny and I began to correspond. Her writing blessed me beyond belief with welcome. I was not too nervous over meeting her, but church...
Expanding Horizons~Part 2
January 11, 2014, 9:25 am
Later, we gathered for a while in my birth mother, Vis, home. It was a lovely old home she was renovating, with a front porch on both stories, built on land that rolled slightly. Definitely the kind of home I would have chosen. There, I met my half-brother, Bo, whom I loved on sight, my...
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C'mon birthmothers, grow up already
April 7, 2014, 10:07 am
"I'm sorry, but outside of rape there is really nothing "traumatic" enough that someone can't face facts and have an adult conversation." If only the psychology of human behavior were as simplistic as you make it. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists specializing in adoption could close...
Born April 30, 1990 in MI
April 2, 2014, 2:41 pm
I'm looking for my birth mother and sister. I have no information as to where in Michigan I was born or in what hospital. I was told that my parents went around to high schools looking for pregnant teens who were looking into adoption. Not sure how true this is. My brother was also adopted,...
Talk to me about RAD/Attachment Diagnosis and Psych Evals
April 7, 2014, 7:36 am
So due to continued issues at school with former nephew/now AS (age 6) being unable to keep his hands to himself and sit still during the day, we've been seeing a private behaviorist for a few months. AS has been on ADHD medication for 15 months. It seems to help, but not bring it down to a...
ISO of 1/2 brother La Crosse Wisconsin
April 2, 2014, 8:24 am
You are adopted, born in [B]early 1968[/B], nearly 100%positive in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and most likely lived and graduated from high school there. Your mother gave you up for adoption when you were [B]3 months old[/B]. We have the same mother but different fathers. I have obtained this information...

Stories About "Birth Mother"

Chris' Story
Chris's Blog - An adult adoptee who is blogging about her adoption story. Chris is from Pennsylvania, and was adopted in the 1960's. She has searched for, and met her birth parents and...
The Story of Happiness and Celebration
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False Adoption
In 1994 my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy. At the time, she was a victim of spousal abuse and had been terrified to bring the baby home. Not to my knowledge, she had gone into labor on June...

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Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 20 Feb 1864: MN, Fillmore Co., Sumner Twp. Malone, Sovey (female) Father: 7 Nov 1825: Malone, George R. Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 21 Mar 1862: ...
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Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 20 Feb 1864: MN, Fillmore Co., Sumner Twp. Malone, Sovey (female) Father: 7 Nov 1825: Malone, George R. Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 21 Mar 1862: MN, Fillmore Co., ...
Find Birth Mother - Adoption -
Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 20 Feb 1864: MN, Fillmore Co., Sumner Twp. Malone, Sovey (female) Father: 7 Nov 1825: Malone, George R. Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 21 Mar 1862: ...
Birth Mother: Birth Mom, Birth Moms, Birth Parents, Family ...
Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 20 Feb 1864: MN, Fillmore Co., Sumner Twp. Malone, Sovey (female) Father: 7 Nov 1825: Malone, George R. Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 21 Mar 1862: ...

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Culpepper Family Tree - Ovie Marie Davis
Birth* 20 Feb 1930 Ovie was born at ... Death of Mother: 22 Oct 1965 Her mother Sallie Floyd Culpepper died on 22 Oct 1965 at Pontotoc, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi. 3 ...
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Birth* 20 June 1948: David LLoyd Hayes was born on 20 June 1948. Death* 13 January 1970: He died on 13 January 1970 at age 21. ... Father* 30 April 1864: William Fletcher Hayes: Mother* 22 May 1865: Margaret Jane Suter: Birth* 20 January 1890: Mary Jelina Hayes was born on 20 January 1890. Census:
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Kathleen - 12 months ago
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Hi I am looking for the Jewish family from Deleware that I adopted my newborn baby boy to born in Camden New Jersey December 1998. His birth name was Kyle Eagle Larkins you changed his name since his birth. It was a open adoption but I broke lost all contact information of yours since I moved to Florida within a year following his birth and adoption shorty after my fathers death! I am looking for you to touch bases w you share stories and to learn of how he is doing growing up w you both and your one son. #1
MARIE - 1 day ago
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Shirley A. Cummings - 3 months ago
0 0 0
Birth Mother looking for adopted children. Lockport Memorial Hospital Lockport, Niagara county, New York. All children born there. April Louise Cummings born march 6, 1969 am looking for you and your sister and two brothers I had contact till 1985 with Marie. William Lee Cummings weighed 7lbs 14 ozs. William they changed your last name, I think. Marie Ann Cummings born June 18, 1970. weighed 6lbs 6 and 1/2 oz .tried to keep her last name. Wilbur Benjamin Cummings Jr, nicknamed Skooter born April 6 1971. I don`t want to interfere with your lives. I just want to possibly hear from or see you all. #3
liz - 1 week ago
0 0 0
hi im looking for my birth mother she was 15 when she had me, in 1965/10/27 , she is called diane hassan she lived in birmingham, it was private adoption. i want to know do im ook like you. do you think of me. #4
Deborah - 4 months ago
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I am looking for my birth parents I have a birth certificate that states I was born in Camden New Jersey on August ,1969. I don't want to intrude on the family but would like to know for medical reasons both of my adoptee parents are deceased and I have no leads (Lyons-Surname that was given to me) #5
Guest - 2 months ago
0 0 0
hello katie brandon jr and david this is your mother. mommy misses you very much i want to see you very very much. i will always love you #6
crystal - 6 months ago
0 0 0
Guest - 0 seconds ago i am looking for my 2 sons. i am the mother of theodore and isiaha combs my name is crystal combs if the foster mother and father of my sons read this please contact me via email r phone pls i would just like to have pics of them my phone num is xxxxx and my e mail is xxxx i heard from the phyciatrist of my sons that my sons were adopted and took to rhode island also. #7
C.DUNFEE - 3 weeks ago
0 1 0
john huettenmueller - 12 months ago
0 1 0
looking for a possiable son birthmother maiden name marla mccullough must have married. cant even find her shes born 1962 lived in independence mo all this took place in 1985 birth in dec possiable name shawn pls help or ideas to find at xxxx thank y #9
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