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Most birth parents choose to place their child into an adoptive family because they are unable to provide the lifestyle they want for the child. It's a choice that is made with love as well as certain degree of common sense. Often, the decision is also made with the best intentions for the parents' future as well, and many birth mothers and fathers will pursue a career and family sometime after placing his or her child with an adoptive family.

The decision to place a child with an adoptive family is one that has many state laws regulating how active each birth parent needs to be in adoption process and consent. Birth mother rights are more often clearer than birth father rights and while many states require adoption professionals to attempt to reach out to prospective birth fathers, they have considerably fewer rights.

If you are a birth parent who didn't elect to have an open adoption, it's important to familiarize yourself with your post-adoption rights and to prepare for the possibility that the child you placed may one day attempt to contact you with questions about your life post-placement and the placement decision. Thousands of adoptees register for search services every month, according to the Adoptee Search Center & Registry. Parents should also consider the possibility of wanting to search as well. Around monumental times in one's life, such as a graduation, birth, death, or marriage, one may be more inclined to search out of curiosity.

Adoptees aren't the only ones in an adoption that may question things. It's very common for a birth parent to question his or her decision, especially as they settle down after the adoption or receive updates from the adoptive family about the placed child. Finding a support group to voice any regret or guilt later after placement is something that can help birth parents work through complex and irreversible choices.

Coping with the decision to place a child is different for each birth mother and father, and it's completely normal for birth parents to feel curious about the child they placed around the time of that child's developmental milestones, such as starting school, graduating, going to college or getting married. If you're a birth parent and questioning your choice, remember you made the best decision for your child.

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After two years of searching, a Kennett man has finally found his birth parents. Thanks to Skype and Facebook, he
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"Birth Parents" in the Adoption Blogs

Expanding Horizons~Part 2
January 11, 2014, 9:25 am
Later, we gathered for a while in my birth mother, Vis, home. It was a lovely old home she was renovating, with a front porch on both stories, built on land that rolled slightly. Definitely the kind of home I would have chosen. There, I met my half-brother, Bo, whom I loved on sight, my...
Tears and Retrievers
January 5, 2014, 6:29 pm
Marty did tell the truth. He did call his sister. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall to hear him begin that conversation! Was he abrupt and to the point; soft and shy? As hed told us, when his little sister became pregnant, hed been underway with the Navy and had remained so until sometime...
Feeling Abandoned
January 13, 2014, 9:12 pm
I often wonder if my kids do or will eventually feel abandoned. Many books and professionals have lead us to believe that some children who are adopted will feel a sense of abandonment through their life. Some question, "Why did my birth mother not want me?or "What was wrong with me?" As my...
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Looking for my Dad
April 10, 2014, 11:07 am
I just found out who my birth parents are. I'm 58 years old born in Hawaii on Aug 23, 1955. My birth father was a Navy 3rd class Seaman. He was stationed in Hawaii in 1954 to 1955. He meet my birth mother, her name is Isabelle (Bella) Valentin or Freitas during that time. His family is from...
1950 in Denver CO
April 6, 2014, 3:20 am
I am female and was born April 2, 1950 in Denver, CO., but I was born at St. Anthony's Hospital and was adopted. I do not know my birth parents name, but was told I might possibly have two or three older siblings. That's all I know. Does any of this sound familiar or not....
Measuring Interest in Reunions
April 7, 2014, 5:52 pm
Over time, I've read about adoptees and birth parents going through a wide range of emotions after reunion. These might range from extreme happiness, a need to be with the birth relative, and a strong desire to communicate. They may also involve a deep sense of loss, feelings of anger, or...
ISO Birth Parents Byers (M) & Glover (D)
April 7, 2014, 4:43 pm
ISO of birth parents Byers (born 1951) and Glover (born 1944). 2 children born 6/68 (Los Angeles, CA) & 12/69 (Maywood, CA). Both children adopted by the same family in 1974.

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Cole Baby 1961
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Birth Parents - Adoption -
Birth: 20 APR 1717, Springfield,Hampden,Massachusetts Death: 26 JUN 1797, Springfield,Hampden,Massachusetts Baptism: 4 DEC 1933 ... Seal Parents: 22 SEP 1934, LOGAN: Birth: 20 DEC 1654, Windsor,Hartford,Connecticut Death: 10 MAR 1701, Westfield,Hampden,Massachusetts
Finding Birth Parents - Adoption -
Birth: 20 APR 1893 Burchard, Pawnee, Nebraska Christening: Death: 08 MAR 1970 Burial: LDS Ordinances: Baptism: 10 NOV 1989 PROVO Endowment: 06 FEB 1990 PROVO Sealing to Parents: 22 MAR 1990 PROVO J. DARSIE LLOYD / SARAH ELIZABETH FRASER Baptism: 06 JUN 1991 JRIVE Endowment: 27 FEB ...
Birth Parents: Birth Parent, Family - Adoption Topics
Seal Parents: 22 SEP 1934, LOGAN: Birth: 20 DEC 1654, Windsor,Hartford,Connecticut Death: 10 MAR 1701, Westfield,Hampden,Massachusetts. Visitor Comments (12) Adding your comments contributes to the adoption community. Birth Parents - Adoption -
Birth Parents - Adoption -
Birth: 20 APR 1717, Springfield,Hampden,Massachusetts Death: 26 JUN 1797, Springfield,Hampden,Massachusetts Baptism: 4 DEC 1933 ... Seal Parents: 22 SEP 1934, LOGAN: Birth: 20 DEC 1654, Windsor,Hartford,Connecticut Death: 10 MAR 1701, Westfield,Hampden,Massachusetts

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Johann Jakob Gaiser (22 NOV 1667 - 6 APR 1709)
Birth: 20 SEP 1708, Gniebel,Tuebingen,Schwarzwaldkreis,Wuerttemberg Death: Bef 4 DEC 1775 Baptism: 14 SEP 1886 Endowment: 14 JAN 1887, LOGAN Seal Parents: 22 MAY 1941: Created by Paul Rawlins' WebbedGed Gedcom to HTML converter v1.16.
Hill1 - pafc05 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
"James Mellor; <Male>; Birth: 20 MAR 1819 Leicester, Leicester, England; Spouse: Mary Knowles; Sealing ... Leicester, England; Death: 09 DEC 1838; Endowment: 21 NOV 1877; Sealing to Parents: 22 JAN 1940 SLAKE; John Dilks / Mrs. Christian Dilks; Father: John Dilks; Mother: Mrs. Christian Dilks...
I10134: Antonina ALIOTO (14 May 1890 - 20 Dec 1951)
Frank CEFALU 20 Mar 1918 - 3 Apr 1986. BIRTH: 20 Mar 1918, Milwaukee, Wisconsin BURIAL: Apr 1986, Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY EVENT: Record Change: 26 Aug 2002 DEATH: 3 Apr 1986, Buffalo, New York BAPTISM: 9 Nov 1993, CHICA ENDOWMENT: 3 Dec 1993, CHICA SEALING TO PARENTS: 22 Jun ...
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Mary - 2 months ago
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Dear Birth Mother/Dad, I can't imagine the anguish or the tears you spent over the decision to place your baby up for adoption. I was adopted at birth, thank you for giving me a wonderful life and family to grow up in. My own daughters are adopted I too shed many tears and anguished over the long wait for a baby to become available. And when we received each of the phone calls that we were to receive a baby for what miracle. Thank you so much for my life. Their spouses thank my husband and I for having adopted them too. You have given me and my family so much love, joy and happiness that words of thanks seem inadequate. God Bless you and Thank you #1
cabbie - 12 months ago
0 0 1
@tanya the adopted mother and the adoptive brother did it for the state oldest said that the adoptive mother foster a boy and they did the same thing to him like they did to my 5 oldest said she fount a family pitchure of me,there dad,and my 5 kids while they was moving.she showed the adoptive mother the photo and the adoptive mother took it away from her,and then she said that her class was doing family tree day that she need that photo of her biological parents and her sibalings.the adoptive mother told her that she cant find the oldset told me that her and her sibalings cant talk about there biological parents at all if so they get in trouble.thats what children court does they take away people kids for nonthing put the kids thru emoitional,physical abuse,mental abuse,controlling abuse,brainwashing abuse,.my kids went thru and still going thru the state of california should realy examine people who want to fostor and adopte kids. #2
tanya - 12 months ago
0 1 2
im a mother who gave birth to a beutiful baby girl...i opposed local authority plans to adopt her...court over rode my parental rights and daughter has been stolen and will be missing me right now..shes heartache will never be healed till we are reunited...those adoptive parents should question where the child came from and the REAL reasons local authorities STEAL children on a daily basis..ADOPTION TARGETS..MY CHILD IS LOVED BY HER BROTHERS AND NANA AND MUM AND DAD..BUT HAS BEEN STOLEN..I WILL FIND YOU BABY GIRL..HER NAME IS FINLAY MAY PLAYER..AND BELONGS WITH US...HER FAMILY. #3
stephanie - 7 months ago
0 0 0
I'm a mother or 3. Two of whom I have placed in loving homes and very sweet families. I worked with a lady whom recently I found was doing this illigitimetly in ohio. But the first parents do not keep in touch with me as much as the adoptive parents of my second. I am looking into switching to an independent adoption for my fourth child with the parents whom have adopted my third child. Because I want what is best for the child and for the family of whom has my other. I have a lot of knowledge with adoption as I was adopted as an infant. But there are so many different thoughts as a person is a birth parent. I miss and love my children. But knowing they are in good places help them become wonderful adults #4
For Donna Jean: - 3 months ago
0 0 0
In search of (pre-adopted Name:) Helen Ann, born: 2-24-69 in Massillon, OH. Agency was known as Massillon Catholic Service League (no longer around). Her birthmother would like to know if she is still alive and well. I am a friend of the family (Kasey) #5
ouida - 3 weeks ago
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Looking for Denise Nicole Truelove you were born on July 31st 1988 you have hip problems needing physical therapy as a child you were born at the Dayton Airforce Base. I was only 16 when I had you #6
mj - 10 months ago
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I am a birth mamma,I gave my beautiful baby girl up 4 adoption at 21 best choice,Im now 24.from the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew I couldn't keep this baby,taking baby home or keeping it never crossed my mind not because I'm cold or that i don't want kids,infact I always wanted to be a mom,that is very important 2 me,to have a family.I was told it would be near impossible for me to get pregnant,I never even got a period,but anyway,my life wasn't easy,I grew up alone #7
cabbie - 12 months ago
0 0 0
@tanya the abuse hotline said they would be investingating the emotional abuse,controlling abuse,how they wont allow her to talk to me at 20 years daughter told me that she is ready to leave that house of kids want to see me but the adopted brother and mother wont allow them.because all the motional abuse and physical abuse,and the intemendation,and the controlling,and the brainwashing what the they did to my kids.thats why the adopted mother and the adopted brother wont let them see them because all that abuse that the adopted mother and the adopted brother was doing to my 5 story is alote deeper than this with the adopted mother and the adopted brother they are some evil the children courts think they are doing a good job about taking peoples kids and put them in a emoitional abuse,physical abuse,mental abuse,controlling abuse,brainwashing abuse homes,they let the adopted parents abuse and mistreat the adopted kids. #8
Vanessa Braden - Melba Whorten - 4 months ago
0 0 0
I was adopted supposedly from the children's home in st. Louis mo. I am looking for my birth family my birthdate 7/12/59 My birth name is melba marie whorten I'm not sure if the last nameis (spelled) right. May God help me find my family. xxxx #9
cabbie - 12 months ago
0 0 0
@tanya that the adopted mother and the adopted brother got her so scared.the adopted mother and her son told my 5 kids that they all was drug and alcahol positive.that me and there father was so mess up on daughter told me how they use to beat her siblings they are to is alot more to the story about the courts say that we are bad parents?that they take away our kids for lies.and give them to mental and controlling people.they brainwash my son.they dont want me to have contact with my 20 year old daughter.the adoptive brother is so mental that he gots my 4 kids remaining at the adopted mother house scared and intimedated my 4 21 year old son acts like the adopted my 20 year old daughter called me yesterday and she told me how the adopted mother and the brother treating today i was on the internet looking for help for my 20 year old daughter.i came across the adult abuse hotline.i gave them a call. #10
MaryAnn - 5 months ago
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I am a adoptee that just found out I was adopted when I was 52. I was born in December 16,1959. I want to find my birth family and I was born in Pasedena California. Please if anyone has any info on my birth family you can email me at xxxx #11
cabbie - 12 months ago
0 0 0
@tanya i know what you are going thru about the courts and adoption.the courts is crooked and adopted sorry about your daughter but there is a light in every tunnel.god one day is going to let you see your daughter.pray to him.i pray for 14 years for me to see my kids and god blessed me.gracias dios.thank i will keep you and your daughter in my are not alone. #12
Steven - 11 months ago
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A few years ago I was adopted by kevin and bob gross. My only wish is to find my siblings one of them is Tiffany Lee help me find her please. I miss her badly. #13
cabbie - 12 months ago
0 1 0
@tanya the courts is messed up they like to take peoples kids away from them.i got my kids tooken from me to back in kids got adopted kids went to a black 2011 i got intoch with my 2 oldest kids.everything went fine in the begening with my my second oldest my son.but one day he sided with the adopted brother and the adopted mom.they brainwash my son that he dont want nonthing to do with third child is 20 years old.she still stays with the adopted mother.the adopted mother and her biological son intimedate my daughter.they wont allow her to call me.they moniter her facebook.the adopted brother and mother fount out that my 20 year old call me and the adopted mother took away her cell phone.i got my oldest with me right now and my grandaughter.thank god for 20 year old dont want to be with the adopted 20 year old said she dont like it there.that they mess treat her. #14
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