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Category: Parenting

Articles About "Child-rearing"

The "New" Father Image
In the last few decades, families in America have undergone dramatic changes. The majority of mothers of young children now work outside the home. Divorce rates have risen. More fathers have gained custody of their children, although laws in general still favor custodial mothers. These and other...
Definitions of Child Abuse and Neglect Minnesota
Statute: §§ 260C.007; 626.556 Standard Infliction of harm Inadequate ability to provide adequate parental care Exemption Corporal punishment Religious exemption Cultural practices Reasonable force by a teacher, principal, or school employee Categories of Maltreatment Defined in...
When Parents Seperate
GROWING CONCERNS: A childrearing question-and-answer column with Martha Erickson of the University of Minnesota. Question: My wife and I are going to begin a trial separation while we decide whether we can get past some serious difficulties in our marriage. We have two children, ages 6 and 8,...
Guidelines for Finding Good Childcare
Taken from Growing Concerns -- A childrearing question-and-answer column with Dr. Martha Erickson Question: In a few months my wife will return to work after a year offto care for our second child. With our first child, who is now 3, my mom provided childcare in our home, but that is no longer...

"Child-rearing" in the News

Amy Chua: the tiger mom returns to the fray | Observer profile
Her tough prescription for 'Chinese' child rearing made for a controversial bestseller. She looks set to repeat the trick in a new book that seeks to explain why some 'cultural groups' are far more powerful than others Almost exactly three years ago, the Wall Street Journal...
Twitter's child-rearing guru on this week's royal infant hobnobbing
Breast practices
When mothers are expected to be successful not only in their careers but also in child-rearing, women often find themselves giving up breastfeeding to save time and be free of discomfort. Yet research shows that skipping on breastfeeding is akin to skipping on its wonderful benefits. The World...
Breastfeeding versus baby formula is not an either or debate
Breast isn't always best. New mums deserve an informed choice

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"Child-rearing" in the Adoption Blogs

Honestly Assessing Older Adoption
July 26, 2012, 12:33 pm
To me, choosing to become a parent was not that difficult.  I was born to the role.  I had known since the age of 19 I was infertile, so deciding to adopt when I met my husband at age 37 was not too challenging a choice.  That said, deciding to adopt our three little ones at the age of 51 was...
Ten Cautions for Those Contemplating "Older" Parenthood
September 26, 2012, 9:37 am
Recently I wrote my Ten Reasons being an Older Parent is a Good Idea .  Now, ten days after my respite vacation, I'm still exhausted.  So in keeping with my mood du jour, here are 10 cautions for those considering "late in life" parenthood: Things do change after 50.  I get tired more easily...
I'll See You One and Raise You Twenty
July 3, 2013, 12:45 am
Someone once told me--someone who raised two biological and two adopted RAD kids--that each RAD kid was equal to twenty biological kids, give or take. This mother was past the actual child-rearing so she could afford to smile sweetly as she said this. True her RAD son was on drugsand she couldn't...
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5 things Teens Want Their Parents to Know
The oft-quoted proverb on child-rearing (22:6) begins with the word
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