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Category: Parenting

See Also: early childhood, Early Childhood Institute

Articles About "Childhood"

Full-Day Kindergarten Programs
Changes in American society and education over the last 20 years have contributed to the popularity of all-day (every day) kindergarten programs in many communities (Gullo, 1990). The increase in single parent and dual employment households, and the fact that most children spend a significant part...
Toddler Safety:
Introduction When your child reaches the toddler age, it is an exciting time in not only his or her life, but also for the parents. A child between the ages of two and four is a discovering machine. Developmentally, children now can run, jump, climb stairs, ride a tricycle, throw a ball, and play...
Specific (Simple) Phobia
Specific Phobia is characterized by the excessive fear of an object or a situation, exposure to which causes an anxious response, such as a Panic Attack. Adults with phobias recognize that their fear is excessive and unreasonable, but they are unable to control it. The feared object or situation is...
Time Alone Away From Baby
Taken from Growing Concerns -- A parenting question-and-answer column with Dr. Martha Erickson Question: The spark is gone! In the four months since our daughter was born, my wife and I have had no time alone together. I can hardly remember when we last went out for dinner or a movie. We know...

"Childhood" in the News

Childhood Obesity's Staggering Price Tag: Almost $20,000 per Child
Doctors have been warning us for years about the effects of childhood obesity, which has been rising since the 1970s. Kids who are obese have nearly twice the risk of such health problems as learning disabilities, asthma, and joint issues.  But for the first time, the costs of the condition, called
Kids' earliest memories might be earlier than they think
The very earliest childhood memories might begin even earlier than anyone realized -- including the one remembering, his or her parents and memory researchers. Four- to 13-year-olds in upstate New York and Newfoundland, Canada, probed their memories when researchers asked: "You know, some kids...
Childhood friends captain opposing teams in OHL West conference final
Childhood friends from their minor hockey days in Toronto and both drafted by the Maple Leafs, Matt Finn and Connor Brown will be on opposite sides of the puck in the Ontario Hockey League's Western Conference final. Finn is the Guelph Storm's captain and Brown wears the 'C' for the...
Hatch, Inc. to Host Interactive Technology Event at NHSA with Microsoft
Hatch®, the leading early childhood education technology provider announces plans to host a hands-on learning experience with classroom technology for early childhood educators, a collaboration with Microsoft Corp.

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"Childhood" in the Adoption Blogs

The Rest of the Story!
October 14, 2013, 7:40 pm
Last post I mentioned my search for my two remaining siblings from my birth mother. My next task was to focus on the paternal side of the family. Of my siblings, I share both parents with only my brother John with whom we have not made successful contact. What about my birth father's side of...
More family!!!
October 14, 2013, 6:32 pm
Last time I mentioned finding my birth mom and oldest sister and my lack of success in contacting my (full) brother, John. Despite those setbacks, I do have a younger brother. After lots of searching, I found the youngest of the clan in West Texas. He is thirteen years my junior and such a...
Bonus Siblings!
January 15, 2014, 8:58 am
First and foremost, let me say this: I was blessed with wonderful siblings! I'm not talking about my natural siblings, I'm talking about my adoptive siblings. We were six in all, with the last four of us being adopted. Although my older sisters remember helping mom care for us, and often remind...
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"Childhood" in the Adoption Forums

I was a foster child.
April 3, 2014, 2:10 pm
[QUOTE=formerfoster]I'm looking to write a post for my site [URL=""]ImAFoster[/URL] to help inform foster parents on things that we as foster kids would want in a foster parent. I have my own experiences and thoughts but I would also like yours as well. What would you like...
Help! I found her, but...
March 31, 2014, 6:38 am
I need thoughts on initiating contact with a birth mother and birth sibling. [B]The back story (feel free to skip it if you just want logistics!) [/B] I was placed at birth and adopted into a loving home with well meaning parents who were far from perfect but provided me with a good childhood...
Colorado. Uh, oh.
March 21, 2014, 7:40 pm
As for the experimenting with drugs in your 20's, I can only imagine how a homestudy will be handled in Colorado now that pot is legal at the state level. If a person had a regularly abusive childhood AND was more than once sexually abused, the CW would (and should) seriously look into...
Therapy and confidentiality for minors
April 9, 2014, 7:57 pm
We have been very fortunate to find a great therapist for M. I don't know what we would have done without her these past few months. But we had, for the first time, a conflict with confidentiality today and I am wondering how best to handle it and what is a reasonable expectation since the law...

Stories About "Childhood"

Please Don't Lie to Your Children!
When I was fifty-one years old, after all members of my family had died, I learned for the first time that I was adopted. Whispered comments between adults remembered from early childhood,later...
Is Anyone Out There?
I was pregnant and after endless hours of thinking and worrying, I had decided to make an adoption plan. I had chosen adoptive parents, Scott and Angee, and become very close to them. Angee and I had...
Choices: A Single Mom Speaks Out
When people first discover that I am a single parent with nine children, 7 of whom are teenagers or young adults, I am inevitably asked the question, "How do you DO it?" My answer is always...

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Screamed - English - Danish Translation and Examples
scream, råbe, English, Danish, Translation, human translation, automatic translation.
1995 - MICHAEL JACKSON, "SCREAM" (lyrics) and "CHILDHOOD" (video) Courtesy of, here are the lyrics to "Childhood" - the music video of the song follows: ===== Have you seen my Childhood? I'm searching for the world that I come from
Scream/Childhood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Scream"/" Childhood " is the lead single from Michael Jackson's ninth studio album, HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I where "Scream" is the first song and "Childhood" is the tenth song on the second disc of the album HIStory Continues. The A-side, "Scream", is a duet with his ...
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