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A crisis pregnancy is certainly an overwhelming experience and every woman's close friends and family members will have shared their opinions on the situation if given the chance. Many women seeking counseling outside of family and friends' advice are doing so with the hopes of finding an unbiased professional who can work through all possible options for the pregnancy. No one wants to feel bullied into a decision that is as serious and life-changing as whether or not to terminate a pregnancy or see it through and become a single parent or place with an adoptive family.

When faced with a crisis pregnancy, rally your support, your friends, family, and community to ensure the healthiest pregnancy for your unborn baby. This will stabilize the situation providing food for you, shelter, medical expenses, emotional support through friends and family and if needed some professional counseling. Most states offer these basic services through their various state or city governments. You’re not in it alone. It may feel like it, but identifying your support will help you get the help you need.

Crisis pregnancy centers, or CPCs, are free counseling centers run by Christian organizations all over the world, although primarily in North America. While some states provide some form of funding for these centers, they are also affiliated with major anti-abortion and pro-life organizations such as Care Net, Heartbeat International, Birthright International and National Institute of Family and Life Advocates. CPCs generally provide biased counseling for women who are seeking out these centers unsure of how to handle their unplanned pregnancy.

In the past, crisis pregnancy centers have been criticized for misleading women by advertising and giving the impression of being an abortion clinic by opening centers in proximity of a clinic. Advertising pregnancy tests and free sonograms are a common trait for a CPC. However, these are not licensed medical centers. The pregnancy tests are often over-the-counter tests and the sonograms are generally used as a means to convince a woman to change her mind about an abortion.

By meeting with an adoptive professional, many of the questions women face during an unplanned pregnancy can be answered in a calm and professional environment. If feelings of pressure to place, parent or abort are stressed, then finding a different professional might be the answer. Finding a good fit is the key to understanding and educating yourself with the best options for you.

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Crisis pregnancy - Cylex
Results for Crisis pregnancy; customer reviews, prices, contact details, opening hours for Crisis pregnancy keyword.
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Defining Crisis Pregnancy.....22 2.2. Crisis Pregnancy and GUI.....24 3. Unmarried-cohabitant and Solo Parents: Life and Lifestyle.....33 3. 1. Health ...
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