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A domestic adoption refers to any adoption that takes place within the United States. Adopters have the option to seek placement and process their adoption independently, through an agency or a facilitator.

Adopters choose domestic adoption because it tends to be cheaper than international adoption and it also doesn’t present large cultural or ethnic gaps later in a child’s life. Domestic adopters also have a greater capacity to customize their adoption experience than in an international adoption. A domestic adoption may also have more federal and state financial aid available to an adoptive family’s needs.

Domestic adoptions can be facilitated independently and with an attorney or by an agency. Of the agencies, adopters can choose to work with the public or private.

Public agencies are the cheapest adoption option. They rarely cost more than the home study fee, which is also eligible for reimbursement if an adopter is placed with a special needs child. Public agencies are state-run and place older children from the foster system with adoptive families.

Private agencies, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive and place infants with couples. They may also provide birth mother counseling, an attorney and also post-placement supervision.

Perhaps the most appropriate way to categorize adoption options is by adoptee age. Infant adoptions are characterized by placement arrangements with a future birth mother, who expects to terminate her parental rights over the child after it's born and consent to an adoptive couple assuming those rights. About two-thirds of all domestic infant adoptions are processed independently by an attorney and the rest are facilitated by a private agency.

Infant adoptions are the most expensive adoption option, beginning around $5,000 and able to cost well over $30,000 or $40,000. Birth mother services and agency or attorney fees vary from adoption to adoption. However, most adopters can expect to pay well for the adoption process.

Independent adoptions can be around the same overall cost as private agencies, but can also be the most expensive domestic option if it isn’t done right. In an independent adoption, a couple finds their own child placement and covers costs and counseling and facilitation without an agency intermediary. Often an attorney plays a large role in these adoptions, which can also be very expensive.

(Taken from the Adoption Glossary)
Domestic Adoption: An adoption that involves adoptive parents and a child that are citizens and residents of the United States.

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Is it possible to do a domestic adoption with an agency for under $20,000? If so please let me know and please PM me the agencies. Thanks in advance!!
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SB1591eng 91st General Assembly
22 The Department shall promulgate administrative rules to 23 establish the responsibilities of the Department and the 24 Office of State Long Term Care Ombudsman. The administrative 25 ...
SENATE JOURNAL - South Carolina Legislature Online
The Defendant was a 22-year-old male who had previously served time in prison for a violent crime. ... Domestic - 20% Since 1986, 100% Criminal 16. Percentage of cases in trial courts: Jury - 30% Nonjury - 70% Sole Counsel 17.
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