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There were just under 425,000 children in the United States foster system in 2010, a quarter of which were estimated to be waiting for adoptive placement. Foster children enter the system from a variety of home situations. As the state's main goal for about half of all foster children is a reunion with their birth families, many of these children come from broken homes that have been deemed inhospitable for a child. Often, children can spend between one to two months in a foster home while their birth mother or father are supervised by the state and evaluated for their ability to parent a child.

Someone considering older child adoption may be advised to foster a child. Some states have fost-adopt or legal risk adoption programs that match prospective adoptive parents with children whose birth parents' rights are likely to be involuntarily terminated. While this process is a great way for a foster child to adjust to a prospective adoptive household in a low-pressure circumstance, choosing foster care over adoption does not necessarily mean a couple will be presented with the choice to adopt the child placed in their home. This is perhaps one of the toughest parts of fostering a child.

Fostering a child is also complicated by the nature of a child's experience with home lives and adults. A child who has moved through many foster homes or has had neglectful parents is less likely to have a successful foster placement.

The largest percentage of a stay in the foster system were between one and five months, according to the 2009 Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System report. The average stay, though, is nearly 27 months. While the promise of adoption won't be there for every child in foster care, some public agencies may have a couple seeking public adoption adopt after first fostering their child. About 4 percent, or 17,000, of the foster care cases were pre-adoptive placements by a state agency. And 5 percent of the foster care stays in 2010, were referred to as "trial home visits."

This is helpful in that the child has a chance to adjust to the family and lifestyle and can make the transition from the welfare system to your home more comfortable for the couple and child.

(Taken from the Adoption Glossary)
Foster Care: Placing a child in the temporary care of a family other than its own as the result of problems or challenges that are taking place within the birth family, or while critical elements of an adoption are being completed.

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Two children that I know we're removed and placed in foster care 10 weeks ago. Two days later, the mom asked if I would take the kids. I am happy to foster them but am neither willing nor able to adopt if it comes to that. I submitted an application right away but haven't heard anything despite...
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1 /Teens%20Aging%20Out%20of%20Foster%20Care%20in%20Oregon.pdf TEXAS 1 NOTE: ... .org/Legal%2520Status%2520Preg-Parent%2520Youth%2520Foster%2520Care .doc+%22TEEN+mother%22+%22joint+placement%22+%22foster+CARE%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=5&gl=us) ...
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Cyprain engwenyi - 2 months ago
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The States are doing a lot to free these kids from abused parents. I hope agencies working to fix this can simplify the process. I am very interested in having 3 of these kids in my home at this time because my kids now have their independence. Please direct me on how to help. Your services are wonderful and God is with you to help you help the dressed. Stay blessed. #1
unknown - 7 months ago
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i am really trying to get my head wrapped around all of boys were staying with my cousin and someone called dss and said she was smoking majurana and they gave her a drug screen and of course she failed and now my boys are in foster care...........i just saw them tuesday and they are very confused. any advice? #2
misty holy - 9 months ago
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I adopted my sisterinlaws son and,she has a 8 month that is undergaurdingship, and I would love to adopte her to keep some of the siblings together and I also found out she is pregent again and I would love to get that baby to.I think it would be good to keep the younger children together. #3
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